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Happy Halloween!

Seduced by My Vampire Boss by Alina HowellEnjoy some paranormal gay erotica for FREE! Use coupon code TR37H when you check out with a copy of Seduced by My Vampire Boss on Smashwords.

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Now A Bestseller on All Romance

I’m probably not the only author who does this.

Every time I release a new story, I hope it does really well and people like it. Then I’m completely shocked whenever any of those things happen! So I’m surprised and happy to say that His Friend’s Secret Desire became a best seller on All Romance eBooks over the weekend. They even sent me a fancy button to prove it.



Thank you everyone who bought the story and enjoyed it! I hope you will enjoy the rest of my catalog as well.

His Friend’s Secret Desire

His Friend's Secret Desire

Aiden has been friends with Troy for years, but it’s hard to be just friends with someone you have a crush on. Determined to get over his hopeless crush, Aiden signs up for a gay dating service. . .only to get a message from the object of his affection. 

Out now on All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

The Search for Erotica

Have you heard about Amazon’s new filter changes? If you haven’t, then prepare for extra hassles when you search for erotica. Amazon has been very liberal about applying what they call the “Adult” filter to books. You would think that since erotica is naturally adult in nature, then all erotic stories are labelled as Adult on Amazon.

Well…not exactly.

See, Amazon doesn’t apply the Adult filter to all erotic books by default. They pick and choose which books get the label seemingly at random. Why is this bad? When Amazon marks a book as Adult, that means there is a smaller chance of it showing up in searches. That’s right, even if you’re specifically trying to find erotica, you won’t see all the relevant results. Not only that, but they suppress the chances of a perfectly related book coming up in the “Also Bought” section.

The best thing you can do is search within the Erotica category itself.


Amazon certainly does its best to hide the Erotica category, but here’s how you get to it via the main site:

Hover over “Shop by Department”

Hover over “Kindle”

Click “Kindle Books”

Under “Categories,” click “Literature & Fiction”

Under “Browse,” click “Erotica”

Once your search bar looks like the above pic, you’re (finally) good to go.

My Roommate’s Secret 2


It’s finally here! You can get My Roommate’s Secret 2 on Smashwords right now by clicking here or you can wait just a couple days and it’ll be out in other storefronts soon.

Have you read My Roommate’s Secret #1? If not, here’s your chance to get it for cheap from Smashwords. Use coupon code HV66H when you checkout and get it for 50% off! The coupon is good through this weekend only so don’t delay.


This is the last day for Smashword’s promotion! Pick up your free book (coupon code RW100) and don’t forget about my other two stories that are 50% off (coupon code REW50) right now!

Before I go, let me just leave a little picture here.


If you recognize what story uses that image for the cover, then congratulations! You know what sequel I’m finishing up right now. :D

2013 Read an Ebook Week Promotion

It’s the 2013 Read an Ebook Week Promotion over at Smashwords and I’ve got a bunch of coupons for you!

My Roommate's Secret by Alina Howell My Roommate’s Secret is 50% off with coupon code REW50!





Seduced by My Werewolf Boss by Alina Howell Here’s another 50% off book! Use coupon code REW50 for half off Seduced by My Werewolf Boss.





The Taste of Cherries by Alina Howell And finally, The Taste of Cherries is free with coupon code RW100!





Hurry, these coupons are good during March 3rd – 9th only!


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